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Housing & Benefits

How can the IWA help you out with Housing and Benefit related isseus

What we do?

We are strategically involved in consultations with Government Departments and NGO in forming polices and views on all matters affecting Iraqis in the UK. You might face Housing Benefits matters and therefore you need to know your rights and responsibilities.
Iraqi Welfare team will help you how to cope with all these matters. You can also get free advice and information on how you making a new claim for Housing Benefit.

We can help you with:

(1)  How to claim for Housing Benefits

We will help you how to claim for Housing Benefit.

(2)  Applying for other benefits

Such as:

  • Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Universal Credit

(3) Social Welfare Support

To provide or assist in the provision of facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities, by reasons of their youth, age infirmity or disability, financial hardship with object of improving their conditions of life.

The association offers free, confidential and impartial advice to help in issues which prevent the full integration of the Iraqi community into British society.  For more information contact us on 0207 723 3338