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Abdullah and Leilah Film Screening

15 Apr 2017
Abdullah and Leilah Film Screening

تم عرض الفيلم عبد الله وليلى يوم 15/4/2017

وفر الفلم فرصة رائعة للمعاناة التي يعاني منها الاشخاص المصابون بمرض الزهايمر وكذلك اهمية تفهم عوائل المرضى او المحيطين بهم أحتياجاتهم ومراعاتهم
هذه صورة اثناء عرض الفلم

Abdullah has been living in London for many years and now has dementia. As he drifts back into his past, Abdullah vividly recalls the Baghdad of his youth in the 1950s, while his daughter Leilah struggles to make an emotional connection with her father in the present.

This short film is both in Arabic and English and is 20 minutes long, there was a talk and discussion after we had watched the film about dementia and the issues were raised in the story.

There was an expert who answered questions about dementia, and they provided advice and information for all the questions .